Head of Yakutia visits social infrastructure facilities constructed by VIS Group

Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aysen Nikolaev visited the construction sites of social infrastructure facilities in Yakutsk. He stopped at several schools and kindergartens being constructed by OOO Gazenergomontazh (part of VIS Group) under the public-private partnership agreement as part of his work visit.

The head of the republic was accompanied by the Vice-Prime Minister of the Government of Yakutia Kirill Bychkov, acting Minister of Architecture and Construction Vera Kuzakova, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Energy Dmitry Sadovnikov and Mayor of Yakutsk Sardana Avksentyeva. Together they paid a visit to the International Arctic School and the National Aiyy Kyhata school, as well as to two regular schools and a kindergarten.

The installation of the buildings' structural frames, entrance group elements, window blocks and stained glass has been completed at most of the facilities, along with the installation of roofing and ventilated facades. Buildings are being heated via a permanent circuit, finishing works are being conducted inside along with the installation of technical equipment. The construction of all facilities is being conducted according to schedule, and the Ivushka kindergarten will be launched into operation before the end of this year, nine months ahead of schedule. All in all, OOO Gazenergomontazh will build 12 educational and cultural facilities, nine of them will be launched into operation during the current year.

All the equipment is already in place, there is a sufficient number of people working at the sites. Theres absolute certainty that all nine social infrastructure facilities will be completed by the end of the year. That will help the city resolve the issue of overcrowded kindergartens and schools, remarked Aysen Nikolaev.

1620 new seats in schools and 1310 kindergarten spots will be created in the republic as the result of the project implementation. A modern material and technical foundation will be established for educational programs involving students of various ages and interests. This is currently the largest social public-private partnership project in Yakutia.

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